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Vehicle Investigative Services

The investigation of vehicle and equipment fires and explosions requires specialized expertise, knowledge and training. Our investigators train continuously to stay abreast of the latest investigative techniques, testing and technology, in order to identify whether the incident resulted from operator error, a maintenance issue or a product failure.

We investigate over 100 fire / explosion incidents involving automobiles, pick-ups, SUVs and large equipment each year. Conclusive determinations make up the majority of these, but there are those that are "undetermined". We follow the evidence, and the facts and with over 20 years of combined experience almost exclusive to vehicle and equipment work, we can provide a high level of quality information about the vehicle and the incident.

With ongoing training to maintain up to date information and knowledge of automotive technology including gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles, we can provide a quality investigation with fact based conclusions concerning the latest technology.

Ignition Lock Analysis

We provide "in-house" vehicle ignition lock evaluation and analysis. The process involves extensive documentation of each part with microscopic inspection and photographs.

Crash Data Retrieval (CDR)

It is often necessary to identify and retrieve information from a vehicle that details pre-crash data. By accessing the vehicle’s Event Data Recorder (EDR), such data can be discovered. To explain, our investigators, Technician and Analyst Certified by the Collision and Safety Institute, download data from the Event Data Recorder using the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval system. The data is then presented in a formatted report, detailing objective readings from the vehicle moments before, and during, an incident. Recorded parameters are make and model specific, but usually include Vehicle Speed, Throttle Position, Breaking, Seat Belt Status, Air Bag Deployment.

Accident Scene Reconstruction

Generally used in accidents involving fatalities and/or personal injury, scene reconstruction can be an integral tool in establishing the circumstances of a particular event.

A licensed engineer and certified technicians work together to provide a detailed, accurate investigation.
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