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Investigating the clothes dryer fire . . .


Clothes Dryer Venting - is part of the process of investigating a fire that might have been caused by a clothes dryer. The "lint fire" is a result of excessive lint build-up in, on or around the machine. Many times this is the result of improper venting.

Dryer manufacturers supply information on the proper venting of the appliance in the literature accompanying the machine. There are limits on the overall length of the vent, the maximum height above the appliance the vent can terminate, how many turns are allowed and more.  The type of vent material used is also specified and is very important.


Improper material used and / or improper installation leads to reduced air flow or complete obstructions, which in turn leads to the build-up of lint inside the machine.  Layers of lint accumulate in all machines over time, but when there is a deficiency in the venting, the lint will build up to the point that a “clump” can break away from the layers and travel through the heater box and become ignited.  Many times the ignited ember will then travel into the clothes load and a fire has started.

The investigation is not complete until the vent has been documented to determine its compliance with industry and manufacturer's standards.


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