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Our business core is Fire and Explosion, Origin and Cause investigations, but we also provide other specialized servies to compliment the Construction and Technical Investigation Industry.


Large area, Overall and specialized documentation, formatting and processing.

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  • Difficult or normally inaccessible areas, structures and features.

  • Video and still capture.
  • Quick, fast turn around.



Laboratory, Inspection and Testing Facility

Our inspection laboratory is approximately 500 square feet. Behind the lab is a 700 square foot shop with a 15 foot ceiling height. We can accommodate situations requiring "wet testing", or "dirty artifact" examination.

  • Microscope
  • Video and still capture

With a 15 foot wide x 12 foot high overhead door, your inspection can be inside or out or a combination, with little effort.

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Contents Inventory and Inventory Analysis

All types of losses, fire, explosion, water, wind - we can deliver prompt professional service with an analysis or inventory of the contents.

  • Detailed inventory

  • Scene sift

  • Comparative analysis

Reports are tailored to suit the clients needs, from a brief summary to very detailed.


Plumbing System Evaluations

Evaluation of plumbing system failures, inadequacies, parts or component failures. Master Plumber / Master Gas Fitter on staff - with over 30 years experience.

Detailed documentation of the failure "on site" still photography, macro photography, video recording (client's choice), with professional removal / disassembly for evidence retention.


Evidence Handling and Storage

Artifacts at a loss site many times have evidentiary value. Our trained, professional staff can evaluate the condition and status of artifact evidence, in order to reduce the risk of "evidence spoliation", during the removal and transportation. Removal, packaging and transportation is always accompanied with the appropriate transmittal documentation and many times the process can be documented with video, upon request.

We have over 2000 square feet of secure, storage space available, on premises. We can provide specialized (completely isolated and / or climate controlled) storage requirements, upon request.

Evidence storage






Dedicated evidence storage building


Laboratory Inspection and Testing Facility
Contents Inventory / Analysis
Detailed Inventory
Scene Sift
Plumbing System Evaluations
Parts Failure Analysis
Evidence Transportation and Handling
Secure Evidence Storage
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